Alias: yoghurt with tip: daily 150~250 ml

Introduction of yogurt knowledge:

Yogurt is made from milk through fermentation, tastes sweet and fine slide, the nourishment is abundant, many people love. Experts say it is "food of the 21st century", is a "feature unique nutrition", can regulate microbial balance within the body, compared with fresh milk, yogurt, not only has all the signs of fresh milk nutrients, protein forming a small block of milk and yogurt can make, generated by a combination of lactic acid and calcium lactate and calcium, more easily absorbed by the digestive tract.

Nutrition analysis of yogurt:

1. yogurt can promote the secretion of digestive fluid, increases gastric acid, which can enhance human digestion, appetite; 2. the lactic acid in yogurt can not only make weakly alkaline substances into a weak acid in the gut, and can also produce antimicrobial substances, effects on human health; 3. Mexico nutrition experts say that regular yogurt can prevent cancer and anaemia, and may improve psoriasis and reduce child malnutrition; 4. when making yoghurt, lactic acid bacteria for certain synthetic vitamin c, vitamin c content increased; 5. in women during pregnancy, yogurt in addition to providing the necessary energy, it also provides vitamins, folic acid, and phosphoric acid; at the time of menopause women can also inhibit osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency; in old times, eat yogurt every day can be corrected because of the partial eclipse caused by nutritional deficiencies; 6. yoghurt can inhibit the growth of intestinal bacteria of corruption, and activity of the enzyme to inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the body reducing substances, and can stimulate the immune system, mobilizing the body of positive factors, effective in fighting cancer, so that regular consumption of sour milk, can increase nutrition, prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and cancer, lower cholesterol.

Yogurt supplementary information:

1. buy yogurt: open the yogurt first-yoghurt, under normal circumstances, set-style yoghurt clots should be even close, no bubbles, no impurities, allowing a small amount of whey precipitation. Stirred yogurt is uniform fluid, non-hierarchical, without impurities. Normal color is yellowish or milky white yogurt, this choice of high or low fat content of milk-related, more fat content, the higher the color yellow. 2. certain bacteria in yogurt and acidic substances on teeth contained a certain degree of hazard, prone to tooth decay, so soon after drinking plain water gargling; 3. do not use yogurt instead of water to take medicine, especially not with yogurt by swallowing diarrhea treated by antibiotics such as chloramphenicol, erythromycin and sulfonamides and some of the drugs; not on an empty stomach to drink yogurt, within 2 hours after dinner drink, best; 4. when eating yogurt, often stained with yogurt lid, is a waste, if frozen yogurt into the refrigerator 30 minutes, and are not stained with yogurt on the lid. Surface of yogurt is a bit cold, but not frozen in the Middle, level of flavor. 5. fermentation of yogurt in the production process will add sugar as promoter, sometimes seasoned with various syrups, diabetic patients should pay special attention people allergic to milk or yogurt; excessive drinking yogurt will make excessive gastric acid concentration, affect appetite and digestive function, is not conducive to good health. 6. currently market Shang common of two species yogurt products, a is by fresh milk added two species fungi (stenotrophomonas hot hammer bacteria and Bulgaria milk Bacillus) Hou, fermentation made of traditional yogurt; another a is former fermentation of Foundation Shang, and added has also two species lactic acid fungi (stenotrophomonas acid milk Bacillus and double dismutase Bacillus) of Yi health bacteria yogurt, its in identifies Shang usually has "Yi health bacteria" words.

Yogurt for the crowd:

The general population are edible 1. suitable too weak to deficiency of qi and blood, malnutrition, constipation human consumption of intestine dryness; suitable for hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, fatty liver patients use suitable for cancer patients, especially patients with digestive tract cancer eating; suitable for human consumption of dry skin, or a beauty food consumption; long-term moderate drinking sour milk of women can make the skin moist, smooth, glossy; 2. acid-too many people, you should not eat;, diarrhea in patients after gastrointestinal surgery or other intestinal disorders in patients not suitable for drinking yoghurt.

Yogurt diet effects:

Flat, acid glycine; shengjinzhike, tonic cocktail, moistening, lipid, cancer.

Food grams of yogurt:

Yogurt unsuitable and beans with fresh.

Yogurt practice guidance:

Drinking yoghurt is not heating, suitable for drinking is now buying a drink during the summer.

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