Steamed yellow croaker

Steamed yellow croaker

Steamed yellow croaker in homely recipes, main raw material is yellow croaker, the meat is tender, smell of fresh, making difficult the Middle;

Steamed yellow croaker material: croaker 2;

Steamed yellow croaker ingredients: pork, steamed fish with ginger, onions, soy sauce, cooking wine, etc;

Steamed yellow croaker approach:

1, go to the fish, cut offal, note organs have a black film, be sure to tear. Put some salt, ginger, cooking wine-cured for a while, just about ten minutes.


2, some soy mixed with pork and egg with onion.


3, filled to the belly of the fish meat, which is full, the meat taste better.

4 putting together with ginger, water, and steam for about ten minutes.


5, from onion, clearly not white in its intake, tobacco cutter.


6, steamed fish don't immediately after opening the cover, using steam-steam due to Qi deficiency and five minutes after opening, ginger and onion originally threw away, put a new ginger.


7, then pour the steamed fish in soy sauce, which we don't save money, can enhance the flavor of steamed fish with soy sauce is no ordinary soy can do.

8, an iron pot hot, sizzling oil and ginger, pour on the cut wire steamed fish with scallions.


Warm Tip:

Steamed fish are such practices. If size is relatively large fish such as perch or something, you can steam two more minutes, but not too long a time, control in 10 minutes or so, otherwise the old fish. In addition, pour over the fish in hot oil or too much, to moderate, otherwise, it will be very tired. Fish basically pouring through from beginning to end is enough for the amount of oil, not pouring back and forth.

Eat healthy:

Croaker rich in proteins, trace elements and vitamins, have good effects on the human role in the Weak and the elderly, edible yellow croaker received very good therapeutic results. Croaker rich in selenium, to remove free radicals metabolism of human body, can delay aging (anti-aging raw Eggplant), and various forms of cancer prevention effects. Think of traditional Chinese medicine, croaker has spleen rise stomach, soothe the dysentery, effect of invigorating Qi and essence, for, insomnia, dizziness, loss of appetite of anemia and deficiency in postpartum women with good effect.

Food taboos:

1, croaker bogey with cattle and sheep fat fried.

2, tuberculosis not eat yellow croaker, Qing dynasty physician Wang Shixiong: "Shishou with fish-eating sores to help heat the patient bogey", modern medicine is that the sea fishy inducing matter contain irritating ingredients eaten easily aggravated condition of tuberculosis.

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