Spicy sauteed conch

Spicy sauteed conch

        Spicy fried conch ingredient: Chili, conch;

      Spicy fried conch ingredients: soy sauce, garlic, ginger, oil, and salt;

       Spicy fried conch approach:

1, hot oil on garlic, ginger, garlic variable micro-focal, poured into the shell.


2 broken, a spoonful of hot pepper, soy sauce (not diluted or add a little boiling water) couple of fried, scrambled to a uniform until juice began, shredded into a fresh pepper.


3, scrambled up to the full your juice, meaning that soup as if adding sweet potato powder, heavy heavy.


4, a plate opening ate.


        Warm Tip:

Snails full and graceful and exquisite, delicious, known as "Pearl of the plate" in the world; it is rich in protein and egg, vitamins and essential amino acids and trace elements, is a typical high protein, low fat, high-calcium natural animal health food.

        Eat healthy:

1, snails meat rich in protein, iron and vitamin a, calcium, red eyes, jaundice, and diseases such as beriberi, hemorrhoids has a therapeutic effect.

2, edible snails have a significant effect on body odor.

3, screw also has heat, solutions for a synopsis, diuretic, quench your thirst, BREATHE/BREATHING effect.

4, eating no fragrance or eat a few slices of ginger on reduced appetite or tender ginger on vegetables and fruits-and-drop, improves appetite, increases appetite.

5 eat ginger beauty, youth, young girl eating ginger can make flushing, more full of charm.

        Food taboos:


1, the snails should not effect of Gekko Gecko and traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine of oxytetracycline with clothing.

2, it is not appropriate, broad bean and beef, mutton, pork, clams, noodles, corn, melon, cantaloupe, fungus and sugar with food.

3, eat snails must not drink ice water, it will cause diarrhea.

4, because Lo Dahan, wind, cold and cold during the bogey eating, woman and woman during postpartum taboo food, known as cold, sick stomach taboo food.


1 don't eat ginger, hepatitis patients.

2, eat ginger and should not be too much at once, so as not to absorb large amounts of gingerol, in via renal excretion process would stimulate the kidneys, have a dry mouth, sore throat, constipation, and "nobody inspected" symptoms.

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