Spicy duck neck

Spicy duck neck

Spicy duck neck material: duck neck, prickly ash, capsicum

Spicy duck neck ingredients : star anise, sannai, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, soy sauce


Spicy duck neck approach:


1, place the duck's neck after boiling in a pot of boiling water to blood, following two Mary, sannai two tablets of star anise, salt, sugar a tablespoon, modified by after the fire to boil Cook fires.



3, 60% thermal burn to put oil in the Pan, bails out with fried golden duck neck drain oil.


4, pan left in 30%, about half of two oil-burning to heat, pepper, dried pepper under slightly fried.


5, poured into the neck of duck, salt, MSG, soy sauce FRY for about a minute, boiler plate can be eaten.


According to the older generation, duck's neck is a living meat, duck looking all day to eat food, long neck stretched a contraction, exercise very toughness muscle fibers, so taste particularly good.

Eat healthy:

High nutritional value of duck-duck, the protein content in the edible part of duck around 16% per cent, much higher than livestock meat content. Duck meat protein is mainly sarcoplasmic protein and myosin, another part is the interstitial proteins.

Food taboos:

Duck skin, obesity, atherosclerosis, should eat less of chronic enteritis; cold patients not fit for human consumption.

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