Small sweet potato pancakes

Small sweet potato pancakes

Small sweet potato pancakes ingredients: sweet potato, glutinous rice flour;

Small sweet potato pancakes ingredients: sugar, ginger;

Practice of small sweet potato pancakes:

1, sweet potato qiexiaoding, on the set of bags (shear hole) with a microwave oven bites high fire about 10 minutes;


2, good bite out at home with a spoon into mashed potatoes (you can try sweet, if light can also add sugar at home);


3, added into the mash potato mixed with glutinous rice powder to make it into a soft dough that does not touch (powder to be slowly adding, after mixing spoon of dough with a hand-rubbed viscosity). Take one small press the dough by hand into small pie.


4, pan fried until golden on both sides fully cooked can slow fire (fried cooked sweet potato pie from the immature than golden yellow transparent and slightly to muster in the pie)


5, place the remaining small half a sweet potato qiedading depth containers, adding sugar, Ginger (don't like without), adequate water, high fire bites around 18 minutes.


Warm Tip:

1, when eaten, can be doused a little syrup, or honey to eat.

2, taro, sweet potato and pumpkin, potatoes instead of make different flavors of cake.

Effect of deficient cold of spleen and stomach, not raw.

Food taboos:

Sweet potato milk = effect of digestive tract

Sweet potato = gastric persimmon persimmon bezoars

Sweet potatoes tomatoes = stone diarrhea

Sweet liquor = stone

Sweet banana = look unfamiliar spot

Sweet potato crab = stone

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