Shredded coconut macaroon

Shredded coconut macaroon materials: shredded coconut;

Spices of shredded coconut macaroon: sugar, almond flavor, salt, condensed milk, protein, Cream of tartar;

Shredded coconut macaroon approach:

1, in a bowl, mix shredded coconut, almonds, salt and flavor;

2, and then adding sweet condensed milk mixed;

Protein 3, hard pass later joined Tata powder, shredded coconut mixture with turndown manipulation in a protein folds into the sent;


4, using a spoon scoop that once the oil on a baking tray, leave some gaps between each;

5, bake 8 minutes or until the surface is golden. I bake for about 15 minutes ...


Eat healthy:

Oil content of the coconut meat is about 35%, in oil main components for capric acid, Palmitic acid, oleic acid, lauric acid, fatty acids, free fatty acids and other substances. These substances with a nutritional supplementation, beauty, the role of prevention and treatment of skin diseases. In the heat of the summer, the coconut has very good cool relieves summer heat, shengjinzhike effect. Coconut has a strong heart, diuretic and insecticide, stop vomiting diarrhea effect. Chinese medicine believes that coconut meat has the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, and destroying parasites for curing malnutrition; coconut health, such as Tianjin, Li water effect.

Food taboos:

Patients with bronchitis, body heat, physiological and unfit women coconut.

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