Shredded chicken

Shredded chicken belong to the private food recipes, main raw material is soil in Jigong; process is shredded, making simple;

Shredded chicken ingredients: soil in Jigong;

Shredded chicken ingredients: prickly ash;

Shredded chicken in spices: ginger, worship, garlic, oil, salt and a little sugar, soy sauce, red.

Shredded chicken in practice:

1, buying back the public chicken and washed.


2, skillet, add water flooded the chicken place a few slices of ginger pot, opened fire.


3, water has been opened, and will fire down, continue to boil, Cook to turn to turn to cook.


4, at the same time we are ready to cook chicken ingredients: worship (cut), garlic (mashed), Sichuan peppercorns, salt, a little sugar, soy sauce.



6, can remove pan, cool.


7, moving the cold chicken meat with shredded chicken, do keep the chicken chickens out of fiber, it is chewed head to eat. Usually do not eat chicken skin can also be cut into strips, mixed together, feel-good food and tasty.


On 8, ingredients, adding salt, MSG, soy sauce, Garlic Puree, prickly face, after a little white sugar mix. Join Red oil and worship will be preceded on ingredients wrapped in chicken, more tasty to eat. A plate of spicy and sweet and salty fresh-aromatic chicken is done.


Warm Tip:

When you buy chicken, chicken wings to seize lift, chickens struggling powerful legs folded, song was long and loud, a certain weight, it indicates that the strong vitality.

Eat healthy:

Chicken with protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamins a, B1, B2, c, e, and Nicotinic Acid and other ingredients. Less fat, which contains highly unsaturated fatty acids. Higher proportion of protein content, variety, and high digestibility, easily absorbed, with enhanced physical strength, strong function of the body. Also containing Phospholipid classes has an important effect on human health and development, are an important source of dietary fats and phospholipids in the structure of Chinese one. Chinese medicine believes that temperature of chicken essence of qi, tonifying deficiency and the efficacy of invigorating the spleen and stomach, strong live blood, bones and tendons. Green, sweet red pepper crusted tuna size digestibilities, Lima Bean grain can provide adequate amounts of vitamins to pregnant women. The whole dish crispy spicy and sour taste, color, colorful, and appetite.

Food taboos:

Chicken, mustard, chrysanthemum and glutinous rice, plum and not meat, shrimp, garlic, carp, turtles, rabbits with fresh meat. Taking l-dopa is unfit; unfit when to take iron preparations.

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