Sauteed leek Vermicelli

fried leek vermicelli of raw materials: leek;

fan of fried leek ingredients: chili, chicken powder, salt, peanut oil;

fried leek vermicelli approach:

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1, leeks, cleaned and cut into sections;

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2, vermicelli with warm water till soft, cut short;

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3, wok pour oil pan, add red pepper, pour the leek stir fry;

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1, in order to purchase leek leaves straight, fresh green is better, so higher levels of nutrients!

2, indigestion or gastrointestinal function were weak Chi Jiucai easy heartburn, should not eat.

3, if inadvertently pomegranate, with fresh potato, leek water can detoxify.

eat healthy:

1, kidney yang:

chives and warm, spicy, with a kidney from the sun effect, it can be used to treat impotence, seminal emission, premature ejaculation and other diseases;

2, liver and stomach:

chives contain volatile oil and sulfur and other special ingredients, exudes a unique, spicy scent, helps sparse tone the liver, increase appetite, enhance digestion; 3 Qi Li Blood:

the spicy smell of leek with blood stasis, qi and dredge role for bruises, nausea , enteritis, vomiting, chest pain embolism;

4, laxative:

contains a lot of vitamins and crude leek fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility, treatment of constipation, the prevention of colon cancer.

food taboos:

1, chives + milk: milk of calcium. Calcium constitutes the main component of bones and teeth. Milk and leek mixture containing oxalic acid and more food, it will affect calcium absorption.

2, chives + beef: with food is easy to poisoning, can the employer milk and dark juice detoxification.

3, leek + honey: the same food will hinder blood circulation.

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