Jam-spicy rabbit head

Process for the scrambled, making is not difficult,

        Jam-spicy rabbit head material: rabbit head.

        Rabbit Head Jam-hot ingredients: chillies, Sichuan peppercorns, brine, broad bean paste with.



1, the rabbit head.  2, broad bean paste with a large spoon.  3, two spoon paprika (according to personal preferences changes). 4, a tablespoon of pepper powder. 5, brine.

     Jam-spicy rabbit head approach:

1, the rabbit head clean in the halogen the brine after restricting for half an hour until soft.


2, put a plate to be used.


3, stay about one burning spoon brine-boiling in a pot, watercress under small fire slightly modified through system.


4, about half a minute then fried with pepper, pepper powder, fried rabbit head keeps turning.



 Warm Tip:

Suitable for fried, baked, stewed rabbit meat cooking methods such as; can be fried, steamed, stewed soup, roasted sweet potato, pepper rabbit meat, rabbit meat steamed meat, spicy, fresh fried rabbit in rabbits and rabbit meat round double mushroom soup.

Eat healthy:

1, rabbit meat taste sweet, cold, into the liver, spleen, large intestine Meridian.

2, with BU Zhong Yi Qi and blood-cooling and detoxifying effect, heat-quench your thirst.

Hot wet bi 3, governance, to quench your thirst and spleen, cooling blood, antipyretic drugs and benefit the large intestine.

Food taboos:

1, rabbit meat and oranges. Orange is a nutrient-rich fruits, sweet flavor of acid and temperature, food heat. Acid cold rabbit meat, fresh rabbit meat, not immediately fresh oranges. Also, eating can also cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, caused by diarrhea.

2, rabbit meat and mustard. Temperature of mustard, Wen Zhongli orifices, Tong lung reduce phlegm, benefit the spleen and wheting. Its taste spicy can stimulate the skin, Mucosa, dilated capillaries, large amounts of food can cause the blood volume and heart rate to drop. Acid cold cold rabbit meat, and mustard flavor instead is not the same food, mustard after smashing as a seasoning, cooked rabbit meat is not available when using.

3, rabbit meat and eggs. Sweet flavor of barren cold rabbit meat, egg gamping micro from the cold. They each have some bio-active substances, if you were eating with fried, is easy to produce material to stimulate gastrointestinal diarrhea, so should not be the same food.

4, rabbit meat and ginger. Acid cold rabbit meat, dried ginger, ginger, spicy hot. Instead of the two, cold and heat with fresh, easy-induced diarrhea. So rabbit meat should not be added when cooking ginger.

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