Jade shrimp

Jade shrimp are home-style recipes, main raw material is the leek, shrimp; process boiled, difficulty making simple;

Jade and shrimps raw materials: 100g leek and shrimp 12;

Jade shrimp ingredients: ginger 2 tablets, powder juice;

Jade shrimp ingredients: half a teaspoon of salt, pepper, a little sugar;

Jade shrimp approach:

1, leek 100g wash, wash the shrimp 12, ginger slices, a cup of good water reserve.


2, shrimp peeling, open-line back to shrimp, alternate.


Paragraph 3, would cut the leek.


In full a juice mixer 4, together with water, filter alternate.


5, the shrimp with a half-teaspoon of salt, pepper caught uniform, slightly salted.



7, fragrant ginger burst, abandoned.


8, poured into the filter good Leek juice, heated roll, pour the powder juices and cook until thick.


9, mix with shrimp balls, see roll can be.


10, finished.


Warm Tip:

In Leek sulfide can also help the body to absorb vitamin B1 and vitamin a, leek and therefore rich in vitamin B1 content of pork products matching each other, it is more nutritious eating.

Eat healthy:

Leeks can kidney Yang, yigan Jianwei, Qi-blood, moistening the outer, the sulphide content of Chinese chive has some bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, helps the body to improve their own immunity.

Shrimp: on frail and disease later nursed back to people in need is a very good food,

Food taboos:

Leeks, if eating many things can cause mild diarrhea.

Shrimp, is forbidden to take large amounts of vitamin c, otherwise arsenic can be generated, can be lethal.

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