Fried milk

Fried milk

Fried milk belongs to the dessert recipes, main raw material is milk powder; production difficulty medium;

Fried milk ingredients: Nestlé milk (80g);

Fried milk ingredients: water (250ml), powder (50g), spontaneous powder (regular), cold water (moderate), sunflower oil (300ml)

Practice of deep fried milk:

1. pour milk and sugar in small milk pot, adding warm water, stir, placed on the electric oven and heated to give off thick milk flavor.


2. when the hot milk, uniform quantitative powder adding a small amount of health a water well water;

3. mix thoroughly in fresh water pour all powder milk pot, rapid mixing and toward the same direction, as the temperature increases, milk gradually into a smooth paste with no particle can stop the heating.



4. pour milk paste has been paved in fresh-keeping film on a small plate, to shorten cooling time, put it to the freezer refrigerator 1 hour. Removed, cut into small pieces.



5. the amount of spontaneous provision into crisp pulp powder is added to cold water, spoon spoons for consistency to slow after drip.


6. the oil pot on to electromagnetic heating oil on the furnace to around 220 degrees, block baby food made of rice flour sugar etc covered with a layer of crispy, and put fried in hot oil until golden, and drain the oil.



7. crispy milk has in place a small place in tomato and garnish tray of loquat, fruit matched with crispy milk to eat can reduce feeling greasy.


Warm Tip:

1. milk and health and water should be roughly proportional to 5:1, too much will make the baby food made of rice flour sugar etc too hard, too little brittle make baby food made of rice flour sugar etc.

2. join in fresh water in milk powder should be rapid mixing, prevent a sticky end.

Eat healthy:

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that micro-cold milk sweet flavor, shengjinzhike, moisturizing intestine and clearing away heat, purgative, tonic invigorating the spleen and other effects.

Food taboos:

Oranges and milk – 1 hour before and after drinking milk, should not be eating oranges;

Juice and milk – milk juice in the acidic environment of agglutination;

Milk – milk and sugar and sugar in heating reaction generates harmful under the conditions;

Milk chocolate – both reactions affect the absorption of calcium in milk;

Effects of milk and medicine--drug absorption.

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