Cream raisin braid bread

Cream raisin braid loaves of raw materials: high-gluten flour, Bran;

Cream raisin braid bread ingredients: milk, salt, sugar, eggs, butter, dry yeast;

Cream raisin braid loaves of practices:

Except for butter and raisins in 1, raw materials, other raw materials into a bread machine, joined butter into expansion stage after 15 minutes.

2, good kneading dough out after good soaking raisins knead into dough.


3, good kneading dough in a warm place for basic fermentation, fermented to twice times.

4, the dough is divided into 6, covered with cling film aside 20 minutes after the round.


5 relaxation, take a good dough, rubbing the growth, the rest are made in accordance with this method.

6, in accordance with the methods of knitted braids into braids, does not need to be too tight, manipulative nature. Head to cling.

7, placed in the oven the final fermentation for about 45 minutes. (I used is placed in the oven, following a heated water baking tray. )

8, good fermentation on the surface after brushing egg, sprinkle incense crisp grain, into a 175 degree preheated well heated in the oven for about 20 minutes.


2, the storage time the appropriate flour for longer than the new flour mill of high quality, civil "eat Mak Chen, m eating the new" idea; Mix flour and rice to eat the best.

3, can also be used butter instead of lard.

4, process of egg yolk: egg yolk mixed with some salt, with 180 degrees after the roast to risk a small oil bubbles at the bottom, and sprayed with rice wine, cold and semi open alternate.

Eat healthy:

1, flour rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, nourishing heart and kidney, invigorating the spleen to thick intestines, eliminates the thermal efficiency of quench your thirst.

2, wheat taste sweet, cold, heart, spleen, and kidneys; yangxin, tonifying the kidney, heat, quench your thirst; dirty mania, bother attending heat, thirst, diarrhea relief, abscess, trauma, bleeding and swollen Burns, etc.

3, flour: yangxin, tonifying the kidney, and blood, spleen.

Food taboos:

Lack of nutrients such as dietary fiber flour, long-term consumption can affect the body's gastrointestinal function and malnutrition. Weak or gastrointestinal function in patients with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, constant diarrhea of functional dyspepsia people, people in recovery period after gastrointestinal surgery. Best not to eat or eat leek, celery stuffed steamed buns, dumplings, ravioli, which contained higher dietary fiber of vegetables, would increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, powder and flour in addition it is often said of standard addition to rich powder, also has specialized processing dumpling flour, cake flour, noodles flour, cream raisin braided bread flour.

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