Braised Pork with Chestnuts

Chestnut pork ingredients: pork 500G;

Pork ingredients of chestnut: a small bowl of chestnut, ginger, onions, peppers, salt, soy, soy, sugar, chicken;

Chestnut pork approach:

After wash 1, pork slices, Jiang Qie slivers, worship segments, late Yellow pepper.

2, sit the pot of hot oil, ginger and onions frying Capsicum under fragrance.

3, down five flowers fried pork slices with doubled off oil.

4, poured into the chestnut.

5, with salt, soy mix.

6, sugar, soy paint.

7, add water, no food, the fire boil, turn small fires slow-cooked.

8, the soup juice fast charge when dry, add a little chicken fine taste, you can.

Warm Tip:

1, don't use hot water to clean the pork before cooking because pork contains the substance of a muscle protein, 15 degrees more easily dissolved in water, if hot water immersion would have lost a lot of nutrition, and poor taste;

2, pork should be cooked, because sometimes pork parasite, incomplete if eaten raw, or conditioning, may in the liver or brain parasitic tapeworms have a hook.

Eat healthy:


Pork provides human physiological activities required high quality protein, fat, with nourishing yin for moistening dryness and Yijing blood effect, suitable for deficiency of qi and blood, is satisfied that the poor due to Yin deficiency.


Chinese medicine think chestnuts can complement strong rib, stomach, spleen and tonifying the kidney and activating blood circulation on hemostasis. Have a good effect on kidney deficiency, so it is called "fruit of the kidney", in particular, stool half congealed and purging more suitable due to kidney deficiency in the elderly, regular consumption of the body and the more disease.

Food taboos:


Pork should not be smoked, licorice, crucian carp, shrimp, meat, snail and pigeon and almond, coriander, donkey meat, sheep liver, turtle, caltrop, buckwheat, quail, beef with fresh meat. After the consumption of pork should not be large amounts of tea.


Too many chestnut unfit, eaten too much easy to digest cooked eat too much easy to delay gas, diabetic patients should eat or don't eat, because the chestnut of sugar is very high.

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