Braised pork leg

Braised pork leg

Braised Trotter belonging to Hunan cuisine recipes, main raw material is Trotter; process is braised, making simple;

Braised Trotter material: pig 2;

Braised Trotter ingredients: onion, ginger, garlic and pepper;

Braised Trotter sauce: soy, sugar, oil and salt.

Braised Trotter's approach:

1, wash Pigs feet, into a pressure cooker

Trotter first 2 boiling water;

3, change the water again was not Trotter, pressure cooker fire pressure 15-20 minutes;

4, good boiled Trotter bails out of stand-by;

5, Pan-and-drop a small amount of oil, then add sugar, brown sugar melt into Coke;

6, into the Trotter-frying to caramel on a uniform wrapped (fried caramel);

7, join the soy, ginger, garlic, and Trotter soup with boiled cooked;

8, to-soup collection, adding salt.

Warm Tip:

1, braised pig's feet, you can add some more leaves, cinnamon more aroma;

2, with ginger, on the basis of the right spices, more flavor, but will grab the meat flavor.

Food taboos:

1 phase g, pork and beans: the formation of abdominal distention, gas backwater, stagnation;

Phase 2, pork and lamb liver g: total cooking fried is easy to produce unpleasant smell;

3, pork and snail g: two belong to the property of drug and AIDS sick stomach hurt.

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