Black fungus and pork

Auricularia Auricula pork with raw materials: pig meat on its hind legs and black fungus;

Auricularia Auricula and pork ingredients: onion, ginger, and eggs;

Auricularia Auricula pork with spices: the amount of starch, wine and salt.

Practice of Auricularia Auricula and pork:

1, preparation materials, pork with ginger, washed, fungus soak;

2, pork slices, about 4 kilometres, about 2 cm wide;

3, then cut the pork into a bowl, and the amount of starch and an egg, plus cooking wine, salt and mix well;

4, wok hot oil into ginger blast pot, adding boiling water (soup best), be boiling water after joining black fungus;

5, a pulp of good pork skillet, not both poured to prevent sticking together;

6, Cook until meat is cooked, add salt, a plate.

Warm Tip:

The 5th step, remember to pour the pork is not available at the same time to prevent sticking together.

Eat healthy:

1, and fungus (dry): auricularia in the iron of content extremely rich, so often eat fungus can nourishing blood stationed in NGAN, was skin Ruddy, glowing, and can control deficiency iron sexual anemia; auricularia contains vitamin k, can reduce blood coagulation block, prevention thrombosis syndrome of occurred, has control atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease of role; fungus in the of glial can to residues in human digestive system within of dust, and impurities adsorption concentrated up discharged body outside, thus up to Qing gastric polyester intestinal of role, it on gallstones, and kidney stones, within source sexual foreign body also has comparison explicit was of resolve function; auricularia contains anti-tumor activity substances, can enhanced body immunity, often edible can cancer anticancer.

2, and pork (thin): pork contains rich of quality protein and required of fatty acid, and provides heme pigment (organic iron) and promote iron absorption of half cysteine, can improve deficiency iron sexual anemia; has supplement renal nourishing blood, Yin run dryness of efficacy; pig meat relative other parts of pork, its contains rich quality protein, fat, and cholesterol less, General crowd are can moderation edible.

Food taboos:

Fungus cream and snail, and pheasant.

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